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Why are Adirondack Chairs & Adirondack Furniture a Cottage Favorite?

With summer right around the corner, it's time to sit back and enjoy a cool beverage in an Adirondack chair.Adirondack chair you say? What's that? The Adirondack chair is an outdoor armchair having an angled back and seat made of wide, usually wooden slats.

Feed the Birds

Elaborate and decorative or simple and functional, birdhouses and birdfeeders are lovingly coveted by many people (and birds)!The collector seeking a new piece for the den or study need only consider personal taste and aesthetics- many who enjoy the careful art and craftsmanship of a beautiful birdhouse or feeder would never think of placing their precious gift outside in the rain and other elements.The serious or novice birder, on the other hand, has just a bit more to consider.

y, Fun Garden Plants

I have a love for funky, fun and unique garden plants. Here's one to try.

Mulch Your Spring Bulbs In The Fall For A Beautiful Spring Display

Flower bulbs need a good, long, winters sleep. Like some people we know, if they wake up before they are fully rested, they get kind of cranky, and then they don't bloom well at all.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is just around the corner, and your lawn could probably use a little maintenance before the summer season of backyard BBQs and swimming in the pool. So what are you doing now to get your lawn ready? Lawn care is often feared as a difficult and time intensive process, but with a few guidelines and tips, you can easily have a healthy green lawn in time for the first backyard party of the season.

Fun, Funky Garden Plants

I have a love for funky, fun and unique garden plants. Here's one to try.

9-11 Changed Everything for the Garden Tractor Business

While traveling the US and occasionally taking the back highways one might have seen an interesting trend. That is the proliferation of the Lawn Garden tractors.

Planning Permission Tips UK - Landscaping Schemes - Do They Add Value-Is It The Chicken Or The Egg?

Have you noticed how everything looks great at the moment - in the garden and parks I mean. Everything seems in bloom, full of colour and life.

Caring For Tropical And Exotic Flowers

Tropical flowers make an exciting change from the more traditional floral gifts such as roses and gerberas, assuming that they're available in your area. Their stark and colorful beauty makes them an impressive gift for special occasions like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

Gardeners Gift Ideas

Plant lovers and backyard enthusiasts are special people who will love your thoughtfulness when you chose a garden gift for them. If someone you know spends more than ninety percent of their day pruning and pairing, selecting garden gifts for their next birthday or anniversary might be the perfect token of your appreciation.

Unique Flowers make a memorable gift!

Think "outside of the box" when sending your next floral gift! The possibilities are endless! Floral Design is an art and florists can customize a masterpiece of flowers!Many florists put a sampling of arrangements on their websites for you to see, but don't feel confined to the photos! The most impressive arrangements are of an "original" design.Ask the florist about any "specialty" flowers they may have in stock.

Why Teak Furniture is the Better Choice

For centuries, it has been known that teak has qualities unlike any other wood. With an average lifespan of 75 years, teak wood has long been commended as the ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

The Heralded Teak Furniture Manufacturer: Kingsley-Bate

With an average lifespan of 75 years, teak wood has long been commended as the ideal choice for outdoor furniture. It has qualities unlike any other wood in its ability to withstand the rigors of adverse climates, yet weather attractively.

Gardening For Birds

What a cruel trick the weather is playing on us.WE HAVE SNOW ! ! !A bit depressing for us outdoor types.

A Few Simple Facts About Purple Martins

Purple Martins are the largest member of the swallow family. However, in flight their wings are more triangular than other swallows.

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