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Imagine Your Own Orchid Garden In A Pond

Who doesn't love to hear the water rushing and flowing through a very pretty orchid garden in a pond? Yes, this does not have to be only a dream. You can make it a reality.

Almost by definition orchids are a tropical plant dependent on the rain for their nutrition and health. They are used to humidity of about 40 - 60%. What better place to have this then in a beautiful orchid garden pond.

I think it the flow of the water that makes this site a very tranquil place. It is wonderful to have a sitting area near the orchid garden pond where you can relax and let the troubles of the day pass by.

Constructing a water garden is fairly easy to do with many sites on the Web where you can get information. There are several points that you should take into consideration before you start your project according to expert Peter Mays at Pond Solutions. the pond should be in full sun

it should be away from any trees that drop their leaves, especially Willow, Elder, Poplars, Laburnum, Yew and Oak try to be sure that the garden pond is not exposed to the North winds avoid water-logged areas consider the closest water source also should consider the source of electricity if you plan on having fountains or waterfalls. I urge you to do this. Consider the safety of children who may fall head first into the pond.

Orchid plants can go into any garden pond but an orchid garden pond is super. If you are living in the South USA they can stay out all year round. In the North USA they would need to come in once the temps start going below 5055 degrees F.

Having higher humidity will normally allow you to water less frequently. If they are in full sun be sure that you have orchids like dendrobiums, cattleyas or oncidiums.

Then all you will need to do is sit back, relax, listen to your orchid garden pond and let you mind drift to some far away place. Wow.

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