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Roses and Juniper Rock Gardens

Wide circle driveways don't happen much anymore, but when they do, what do you do with them? Clear out the grass, mound up some soil, and park a few boulders in strategic positions and you've got the perfect spot for an artistic rose garden. Plant some dark green Juniper and a few golden-tipped junipers for background color before adding your roses.

Invite people into your garden with planned paths, safe benches (protective distance from pokey thorns), and a shade providing arbor. A garden structure can be as formal or rustic as you please, make your choice, and design what suits your style. Personally, I prefer rustic structures, so mine sports rough hewn pine lodge poles and leather lashings.

Cedar chips and lava rock provides moisture retaining mulch for the area. Low growing juniper and an occasional spot of Shasta daisies around the edge of the drive provide additional color and flora. A gazing ball nestled near the path, and bird feeders, add life to the garden without intruding. A birdbath near the center offers a restful trickle of water for those quiet afternoon siestas on a bench nestled into a cove of tall growing juniper.

No circle driveway available for this garden design? Find a corner of your yard, or create an island oasis for roses in the middle of a broad expanse of lawn. For more definition, rough-cut logs, cut to different lengths can be buried around the edges, except for the footpaths.

I prefer the rough look of open edges blending out to black top. Specific design details would be best left to the planter of this garden. Each person has their own preferences. I like blending short and tall growing versions of various plants, however, some folks want a more formal appearance.

Jan Verhoeff spends her days as a business consultant, her evenings educating her children, and her weekends playing in the yard. Gardening is a favorite pastime, but one she has few moments to enjoy, so they must be treasured. Visit her web log at to find more interests you might share. You may contact her at

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