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Buying Teak Wood Furniture Responsibly

Teak has many qualities that make the indoor and outdoor furniture made out of this a coveted high value asset. They last for generations. The durable nature is due to the hard grain nature of the tree. These are a high demand items in many parts of the world. The prices are sky-rocketing and unless you get it from the source you are going to pay a huge price to add this to your Home Collection. The products made out of teak wood have a pleasant smell unlike other untreated wooden furniture. The hard nature of the wood makes it easier to work with by the craftsman creating unique patterns and designs. You could have come across the priced museum collections of old south Asian kingdom there is teak in most of them. This has the ability to create smooth patterns and complex designs because of the properties of the wood. They don't create splinters like other wood and hence the furniture is safe. The smooth finishes created by the craftsmen can be enjoyed by many generations as it is more resistant to rot and other damages.

A quick look at the Teak industry shows that the majority of the plantations are from south Asia. Unlike the rain forests these tress are from the dry regions making it more environmentally friendly to use. The Timber industry also claims that the amount of wastage out of the teak usage is minimal in comparison to other wood. Every aspect of the teak wood right till the saw dust finds use in one way or the other. The main problem like other wooden furniture use is you have contributed to the chopping of a tree at a minimum. But this can be made right when you understand the following factors. The first is the farm raised trees are better as they were done just for this purpose. This also ensures the trees in the wild are not used and hence are less damaging to the natural habitats. There are a few folks who argue that wooden furniture should never be used. Hmmm, the simple counter argument is what else to use. The softer nature of wood is preferred against iron or other metals. And such we have to end in plastic. Plastic causes a lot more harm to the environment in the long run than the lack of a farm raised tree in the face of the earth.

There are a few manufacturers that even go on to guarantee that the trees that are farm raised are once again replanted. This makes sure the tree that was raised finds a replacement in the face of the earth. This is unlike the trees in the wild, where there is no guarantee a chopped tree will be replaced by another sapling. Some of the common furniture made out of teak is:

1. Teak Patio Sets
2. Teak dining Sets
3. Teak Benches
4. Teak Chairs
5. Teak Tables
6. Teak Loungers

The next time you buy one of these make sure you ask where the wood comes from and the re-plantation policy of the wood's source.

You can find one wholesale company which can guarantee this at Teak Select. Make sure you replace your plastic furniture with the teak furniture, teak patio furniture and teak garden furniture.

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