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Amish Furniture on the Front Porch

While shopping on line the other day at, I looked at the Amish Hickory Rocker. Now I have looked at this rocker many a time, but I have never thought about it. Think about how many times a rocker like this, over the generations, has rocked a baby to sleep, or a grandpa. Think about those spring, summer and autumn nights on the porch watching the kids play on the streets, or just drinking a glass of cool sweet tea listen to the crickets. How many times has one of these rockers sat in front of the fireplace, and comforted someone to sleep on a cold night.

Now I couldn't begin to tell you how long the Amish and others have been making this type of rocker, but I have personally sat in one that was 185 years old. That rocker saw the Civil War, WWI, and WWII. That rocker comforted mothers that lost their sons. That rocker saw five generations born and passed on. Amazing, as it may be it has never been repaired or refinished. Yes it is worn with marks of love.

Unlike other types of furniture, Amish Furniture, or the Amish Hickory Rocker, just can't be thrown away. You can go to your super store and buy something that looks like it, or that serves the same purpose, but it will not last. Unfortunately imports are coming and are showing up more and more on different web sites and in stores. These imports are nothing like the ones sold by Stover Amish Furniture offers Superior Quality Amish Furniture traditionally manufactured in the old ways. The imports may try but they will never take the market away from this group of Proud Amish Americans.

If you have a chance and are looking for a rocker stop in to Your rear end will thank you for generations, and it will make your front porch happy. I not only run the place, I am a customer.

Just a simple guy.

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